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You want to gain passive revenue from cryptocurrency masternode but do not have technical skills to start masternode alone?
With us, you are able to invest easily in masternode without any technical skill and gain revenue from it.

▪   Just by registering an account on Crypto Minting and confirming it successfully, you can deposit your cryptocurrencies to start staking. 
▪   Meanwhile, our team will take care of the minting process, continuously generating cryptocurrencies for you.
▪   All the revenue from different masternode will be charged in EOS and will be paid for token holders as revenue. 
▪   Members who provide us verified wallet addresses will receive daily reward automatically.

Crypto Minting - built to become Your Reliable Staking Partner.




Staking, related to the Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm, is the process where a P.O.S cryptocurrency wallet stakes a sum of coins when broadcasting to the network that the transaction they are processing is true and not malicious. If the network agrees on the verdict, the verifying wallet will receive a reward in the form of coins on the associated blockchain network. The overall purpose of staking is to provide security to the network of transactions. 

To start staking coins, you will lock up your coins or tokens to help verify transactions for cryptocurrencies with Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms. Stakers earn staking rewards for providing this service. However, staking through with staking services could not only remove all the technical hassles but also support you in case you have questions and share rewards with stakers. Just find yourself a pool and delegate your stake to it. Then, you are staking!

This demonstrates how you can stake at Crypto Minting



You can start staking at CryptoMinting by choosing one appropriate package to invest. Create your own account, log in and verify. Track the Investment Section to begin. 




Getting started is easy

▪   Register a valid account on our website.

▪   You stake coins with Crypto Minting and begin the staking process.

▪   Staked coins are minted totally by us to double in number.

▪   We pay you back the staking reward on a daily basis. 

▪   You can withdraw your reward anytime, anywhere.

▪   Share your experience with others and gain more.





0.1% - 0.6%





Not only benefit from staking profit, our investors will also enjoy lots of benefits from our Partnership program.

More details can be viewed HERE .



Efficiently Built 
Crypto Minting is built by professionals with great hands-on experience in building blockchain products of all kinds, ranging from small developer tools and comfortable mobile wallets to exchanges and sophisticated business-oriented enterprise level blockchain tools.

Worthy Rewards
Increase your crypto fund easily just by investing in us. Without any hardware to monitors or other jobs to do daily, whether you are an institutional investor or an individual token holder, you could get up to 18% profit monthly by staking with us. 

Legal, tax and regulatory compliance services for institutions and individuals. Users could enjoy transparency and stability of rewards while our specialists will cover all the maintenance of the enterprise-level hardware.

With PoS’s gaining traction in most of the public blockchains, its share is expected to grow with a flippening expected at some point in time. Masternode and POS will be the future of the consensus algorithm for many coins. Start early for more benefits.